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The Rutherford Irish American Association is honored to award 6 scholarships to very deserving candidates.

Thank you to all of our supporters over the last year, especially BCB Bank of Rutherford, for your generous donations to make all of this possible!

"The Irish nation cherishes its special affinity with people of Irish ancestry living abroad who share its cultural identity and heritage."  

 Bunreacht na hEireann | Constitution of Ireland

Thank you to all of our supporters!





Dear reader,

My name is Eric Moore and I am both honored and excited to formally announce in line with the nation’s anniversary, July 4th, the official formation of the Rutherford Irish-American Association.  I am originally from Dublin, Ireland and a proud Rutherford resident since 2003. I am humbled with the privilege to introduce the newly founded Rutherford Irish-American Association to you and lead this exciting organization as its President in its inaugural year.  My family and I are very excited to receive this honor, and I am very much looking forward to leading the Rutherford Irish-American Association, in partnership with our committed Board of Directors and members.  

On behalf of the Board, we are very excited to create this very important voluntary organization for our community with you; and we are very much looking forward to promoting, strengthening and celebrating the cultural ties that have proven to be a positive contribution to the two great nations and people of the U.S. and Ireland.  I am delighted to say that the U.S. and Ireland have enjoyed a culturally rich and storied history together for centuries that has been positive, and equally as important, very productive. We see the Rutherford Irish-American Association as the newest member to the fine fabric of Irish-America, with our objective to be the best representation of both our hometown here in New Jersey and all of Ireland.  

The first year of existence for any organization is an important year and the Rutherford Irish-American Association is no exception. The Board and I have taken on the responsibility of leadership with gratitude, pride and a strong commitment to construct a positive cultural organization for our community that will flourish for generations to come with a focus on becoming a part of the fine legacy that is our Borough of Trees. We plan to promote and celebrate the cultural ties between Ireland and the U.S. through a number of events throughout the year and I am proud to formally announce the Rutherford Irish-American Association will be hosting the first annual Rutherford St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 4th 2018.  We look forward to partnering with our fellow residents, organizations and local council to achieve this exciting new chapter in our community and we appreciate the great support we have received thus far from our Mayors office and local council members.

To receive further communications and/or become a member of the Rutherford Irish-American Association, please contact us at the following: rutherfordirishamericans@gmail.com

Warmest regards

Eric M. Moore 


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