About Us


The Rutherford Irish American Association is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that was formed with the sole mission to promote and celebrate the cultural ties between Ireland and the United States.

The Executive Officers


President: Paddy Bonner

Vice President: Deborah O'Neill

Recording Secretary: Mikaela Scanlon

Corresponding Secretary: Marybeth O’Flanagan 

Treasurer: Paul Boylan

Parade Chair: Patrick O’Neill 

Legal Counsel: Jamie McCarthy 

The Board of Trustees


John Ahearn 

Scott Ahearn

Malachy McAllister 

Dominick O’Flanagan 

Meghan Moran

About Our Founder


Patrick O'Neill

In early January 2017, Rutherford Irish American Association Founder, Patrick O’Neill had two goals in mind.  First was to seek members throughout the community to gain support in bringing a non-profit Irish/American Organization to the Borough of Trees.  Sharing those cultural ties, as well as giving back to the community in the form of scholarships and donations to those in need, was at the forefront of his thinking; this was well received by many members of the community.  Next was the task of seeing if the “Gem of Bergen County” (Rutherford) could host a St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  Pat has been a member of the Essex County Police and Fire Emerald Society Pipes and Drums for the past 16 years and has marched in countless parades throughout the years.  After doing some research he concluded that the first Sunday in March would be the ideal parade date for Rutherford so as not to conflict with the local parades in the area. He gained overwhelming support then brought his insights to Borough Hall. The parade was unanimously approved by the Mayor and Council.  This now allowed Pat to begin forming the Rutherford Irish American Association (RIAA),  which was incorporated on July 4, 2017 as a 501c (3) non- profit organization.